Phoebe Killdeer was a member of Nouvelle Vague. She reached success in 2014 with a remix of The Avener of ‘The Fade Out Line’, a song she wrote whilst with her former band The Short Straws.

Phoebe Killdeer moved to Berlin where she met Ole Wulfers and Thomas Mahmoud-Zahl, 2 sound designers and experimental musicians based in Berlin. The 3 began to make music together with no limits, no genres and no style…anything goes. The result is music which sounds minimal & full blast at the same time, abstract & concrete, dirty & clean.They are currently working in collaboration with Agnes B (renown french designer ) & Imago (biggest camera in the world) on their 1st single ‘i saw’ with special performances from autumn 2015 at Agnes B stores around the globe: Paris, London, New York and Hong Kong.

 Ole Wulfers has been involved in numerous performances all over the world.  As a band member of Party Diktator he did a Peel session at bbc london. Beginning of this century he founded Kapaikos electric mandolin orchestra following a mandolin shop inheritance from his grandmother Mimi. Ole also builds his own music instruments. he worked in collaboration with experimental electronics helsinki and cirkuljia Ljubljana where he investigated the correlation between fluid dynamics and sounds of stressed materials.

 Thomas Mahmoud-Zahl has done a lot of art and theater pieces. He worked together with the choreographer Kat Valastor at the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens. Thomas was the former singer of the band Von Spar. He went on to develop his interest in deconstructing beats and sounds and interpret music as architecture. He works with textures, feed recordings, with running washing machines as basslines, his shoes as beats.



Gigs coming soon.