Top Poker Halls Kenya

A game for experienced cardsharps played in dark backrooms with significant sums of money changing hands on a card turn over many years.

This reputation may have deterred many from learning more about poker and how to play it. But, in recent years, the game has gained widespread acceptance and is now played all over the globe.

A combination of factors has changed people’s perspectives. Televised events like the yearly World Series of Poker have given the game a new status. People may learn to play poker at their own speed at home thanks to the spectacular expansion of online gaming. Most sites allow users to train and play for free, allowing them to improve their abilities and knowledge without fear of ridicule.

This has also helped players proceed to playing the game “live” at casinos and poker rooms where the core poker rules are the same but the environment is totally different.

Kenya, like many other countries around the world, allows players to enjoy a game of poker and has fairly liberal gambling laws.

Gambling was legalised in the nation in 1966, soon after independence was established. The Betting Control and Licensing Board updated the rules in 2019.

Diamond Poker Room

The Diamond Poker Room is located at the Diamond Plaza Shopping Centre in Parklands. It has a large variety of games and a friendly atmosphere, making it ideal for learning how to play poker and building confidence. Three, five and seven card versions as well as a unique variation called Jumbo Poker are available. Every day from 10am to 5am, the poker action usually starts about 5pm. It is a popular destination for players of all levels, especially on weekends when tournaments are held.

Royal Orchid Bollywood Casino

As the name implies, the Bollywood Casino is a place of wealth and glamour. It’s at the five-star Royal Orchid Hotel in the city’s economic area. The casino has two poker tables with three-card stud, Texas Hold’em, and an Indian Ocean Stud Poker version. The minimum buy-in for a cash game is KES 1,500, and the weekly Hold’em tournament with a KES 100,000 guaranteed prize pot will entice tournament players.

Captain’s Club Casino

The Captain’s Club Casino, in the Kelico complex, on the way to Mombasa, has just two tables but promises a warm welcome and personal care. If the tables aren’t operating, the management will gladly make up a game for you. Weeknights are best if you want to set up your own game and enjoy the Captain’s famed hospitality.

Casino Max, Mombasa

Since its inception in 2009, Casino Max has gained a reputation for providing a top-notch gaming experience. Three-card poker, Texas Hold’em, and Oasis Poker are all available here, as are video poker games. Table games are available everyday from 2pm to 5am, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.

Mombasa, Malindi

Last but not least is the opulent Casino Malindi. It includes five tables where, in addition to three card and Hold’em, you may play Indian Ocean Stud. It used to host a leg of the Kenyan Poker Tour. After a long hiatus, the game’s rising popularity in the nation indicates it may return in 2021.

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